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Tap into the potential of targeted communication with AccountNotice. Connect with your customers right where it matters, delivering crucial messages rapidly and precisely for exceptional results. Engage swiftly, achieve instant coverage, and experience impressive outcomes.


Powerful features to help you close sales faster.

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User information

Effortlessly gather and save user details, like phone numbers and preferences, for crafting focused campaigns.

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Deal tracking

Get instant notifications and live updates about your deals, so you never overlook crucial information or opportunities.

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Pipeline management

Monitor your leads, deals, and conversions in the present moment, and get alerts as deals progress through different stages of your pipeline.

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Reporting dashboard

Analyze email open rates, link clicks, and recipient actions to refine your messaging and boost ROI.

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Meeting scheduling

Effortlessly schedule and confirm meetings using the meeting scheduling feature.

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Email tracking

Get alerted when emails are opened and links are clicked, and use this information to refine your email marketing approach.

We enhance your concentration and ensure that the most crucial action items are prioritized – right from the start.


Seize vital chances; ensure quick action. Our system prioritizes important tasks for users and customers.

High Speed

Seize control of your production pace, delivering vital notifications to your users without delay.

96% Interaction Rate

Lead your urgent communications and guarantee that none of your stakeholders overlook any information.

Close more deals, faster.

In today's fast-paced environment, effective communication and customer relationship management are of utmost importance. AccountNotice delivers comprehensive solutions to meet your marketing and sales needs, accompanied by powerful communication tools to nurture your connections. With these platforms readily available, you can propel your business to the next level and surpass your competitors.


Faster deals

Close deals faster by providing real-time updates and notifications on deal progress.


Customer satisfaction

Keep customers informed and engaged throughout the customer journey, increasing customer satisfaction.


More deals closed

Close more deals by increasing engagement and responsiveness with your customers!


Retention rate

Improve your retention rates and keep customers coming back for more.

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"Revolutionizing Communication"

AccountNotice revolutionized our communication strategy. Their cutting-edge notification platform empowers us to effortlessly convey crucial updates, ensuring seamless and impactful interactions.

John Carter - Agency X Webflow Template
John Carter
VP of Marketing at Google

"Seamless Messaging"

Our experience with AccountNotice has been phenomenal. Their dynamic notification system empowers us to effortlessly send vital messages, streamlining our communication process for optimal results.

Sophie Moore - Agency X Webflow Template
Sophie Moore
Content Marketing Lead at Instagram

"Elevate Your Messaging"

Thanks to AccountNotice, our communication game is stronger than ever. Their innovative notification platform enables us to efficiently share critical information, enhancing the effectiveness of our messaging.

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Dan Clark
Marketing Lead at Twitter

"Efficient Updates"

AccountNotice has truly made a difference in our communication efforts. With their advanced notification tools, we can promptly deliver essential updates, ensuring our messages resonate effectively with our audience.

John Carter - Agency X Webflow Template
John Carter
VP of Marketing at Google

"Engage Effectively"

We're thrilled with AccountNotice's impact on our communication strategy. Their state-of-the-art notification platform equips us to efficiently send important messages, contributing to a more engaging and responsive audience.

Sophie Moore - Agency X Webflow Template
Sophie Moore
Content Marketing Lead at Instagram

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